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Certification of Awareness

This is a awareness based training course.

By successfully completing this course, you are able to gain awareness certification. This certification is credited towards your progress for overall certification under the Armoured Vehicle Awareness Training Program

Who is Armoured Consulting?

Armoured Consulting is the world's leading and fully independent consulting firm for all matters civilian armoured vehicles

As independent experts and consultants, our services include armoured vehicle inspections and reporting, supervised repairs and maintenance, through life support, vehicle systems engineering design and capability reviews, procurement, training and disposal.

Learn More About Your Course Presenters

Principal Consultant

Rob Getreu

Armoured Consulting was established in 2015 by Rob Getreu following his long-term career in manufacturing, project management and security related engineering works with the Australian Defence Materiel Organisation (the procurement arm of the Australian Department of Defence) and the Diplomatic Security Branch of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Rob is able to provide intelligent, creative & cost saving support to clients' armoured vehicle fleets located throughout the world. He has been involved in the capability requirements, design, build, introduction into service, inspection and repair of hundreds of armoured vehicles in the course of the last 20 years that have been deployed into high risk areas of operations including Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Africa.

Principal Consultant

Yoni Lapidot

In 2016, Yoni Lapidot joined as a Principal Consultant bringing in many years of international trade and armouring experience.  His technical expertise and broad understanding of all matters civilian armoured vehicles has made him a keenly sought after resource for diplomatic corps and international organisations who all rely on the maximum operational availability of their civilian armoured vehicle fleet.

What People Say About Our Training

Consul General of Italy

LUIGI MATTIROLI, Deputy Consul General

“The Consul General of Italy Jerusalem highly recommends the professional services of Armoured Consulting”

Agence Francaise De Development

NICOLUS GURY, Acting Director

“I recommend the service of Rob Getreu – Armoured Consulting Mr Yoni Lapidot, as an instructor, is knowledgeable, professional and friendly”

The Delivery is Second To None

Brad Mc.

The learning outcome was a delivery second to none, great pace and information flow, look forward to reading into other courses from the provider, thank you

Great Refresher Course

Daniel F

"It is always good to get a refresher course and stay up to date in any changes as the industry grows"

Great Information

Jeff F.

The course provided great information and very good intelligence.

Ballistics, Projectiles and performance

Andrew B

The course is really getting into the gritty part of the science of armoured vehicles and the capabilities. Have been using said vehicles for nearly 10 years, clearly never fully understanding the dynamics. Valuable knowledge learned.

Thank for the Opportunity to Learn about Ballistics

Hami H.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to get to know better what ballistics is and what it takes for the vehicle to have adequate protection.

Introduction to Ballistics

Stephen G

Good background information before purchasing a civilian. armoured SUV.

Safe Operationsal Use - A Good Course

Stephen G

A good course

Through Life Support

Andrew B

The course has built on the knowledge obtained in the previous course, cleverly building and introducing new knowledge.


  • Can I pay for the courses by credit card?

    Yes , we accept payments by Visa and Mastercard.

  • What are the different levels of awareness?

    We access your level of awareness based on the score you achieve in the various quizzes/assessments that are part of the course. Level 1 Awareness = 0-59%; Level 2 Awareness = 60-74%; Level 3 Awareness = 75-89%; and Level 4 Awareness = 90-100%

  • Do I receive a certificate of awaresness once I complete the course?

    Yes. Once you have completed the course assessments, we review you results and then issues you a Certificate of Awareness. This usually takes a few days as we go over your results and provide you also with any feedback that we feel will add to your ongoing knowledge and appreciation of the course's subject matter.

  • Are their discounts available for bulk erollments?

    Yes, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss a discounted price within an enterprise agreement for your organisation.